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Integration of cyber security into the Ship ISM CODE

Evaluation and Compliance with Legislation 2016/1148

Assurance with GDP Regulation 2016/679

Risk Assessment & Coverage for Ships, Company & Crews

Cybersecurity Risk Assessment.

Identifying the cyber risks and cyber-threats with which you are faced is the most important step you can take when seeking to establish or improve your current level of onboard and shoreside cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity Support & Consultancy.

Whether you are considering general onboard cybersecurity arrangements or need to comply with regulations such as the ISM code or GDPR, our cyber risk assessment is the ideal first step.

Secure your company now. Do the Gap analysis

Evaluate your Ship & Crew

Ranging from vessel new builds and refurbishment projects through to hands-on support to strengthen your technical cybersecurity, we have the right team and skills to help.

Incident Management & Response.

Cyber-attacks are inevitable. Attacks against the maritime industry either shoreside or whist at sea are no exception. Our experienced response teams have provided expert technical investigations, incident management through to digital forensic services for many highly sensitive and significant cyber-attacks. We offer a rapid and effective response to help you resolve and limit the impact of a cyber-attack.

Risk Assessment 00%

Gap Analysis 00%

Incident Response 00%

Cybersecurity Support & Consultancy 00%


Crew & Staff Cybersecurity Training.

Staff and crew are your first line of defense but unless adequately trained, your greatest risk to cybersecurity. Many cyber-attacks are not particularly sophisticated and could be avoided by simply improving crew and staff awareness of cyber risk.

Contact Form.

Whether you are considering a vessel new build or refurbishment project, looking to improve your general onboard cybersecurity arrangements or need to comply with regulations such as the ISM code, GDPR, or TMSA3 we can help.